Chest Pain – Sign of a Heart Attack?

Few symptoms are more alarming than chest pain, and everyone knows that it could be a sign of a heart attack. Yes, many other conditions can cause chest pain, but cardiac disease is very common – and our leading cause of death. It should not be ignored. The common symptoms of chest pain related to a heart attack include:

•Pressure, fullness or tightness in your chest

•Crushing or searing pain that radiates to your back, neck, jaw, shoulders and arms, especially your left arm

•Shortness of breath, sweating, or nausea

However, many people do not have classic symptoms when they are having a heart attack, especially women.

If you have chest pain or suspect you’re having a heart attack, call 911immediately! Don’t waste time trying to diagnose these symptoms or drive yourself to the hospital. Every minute counts. A visit to the emergency department could save your life – or bring you peace of mind if nothing is seriously wrong.

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