Meet Your ER Doc

***As of 2014 there are other contributors to this blog including non medical writers***

This is the original about information:

Thanks for stopping by.

I know that medicine can be an overwhelming subject, and emergency medicine even more so. I hope that this site helps demystify the emergency room, and medicine in general. I also hope that you can learn something here that will benefit you or someone your care about, and have fun doing it!

I have been practicing emergency medicine for over 10 years, dealing with everything from car crashes, stab wounds, heart attacks, and once a patient who presented with a mosquito bite on his arm (tough case!).

I received my medical degree at UCLA, and have worked at a wide variety of ER’s -9 at last count.

The variety is enormous, the hours crazy, and the stories can be hilarious. Take some time to explore this site’s features, and make sure you don’t miss “How to Stay out of the ER,” and “Strange but True Stories” from myself and colleagues.

I know there are lots of medical sites out there. Getting useful information that is easy to understand can be a challenge. I have worked hard to make this site easy, fun, and helpful and I would love to hear back from you too. So let me be your guide as we explore the ER together!


Your Er Doc

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