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March 2012

I haven’t personally counted, but the average person will walk about 115,000 miles in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, about seventy-five percent of us will develop foot problems as we go, and most of these are in women.

We take our feet for granted, and we need them to work well to stay active. But in truth, they are complex mechanisms, and foot trouble can reflect serious issues in the body – like diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory or nerve problems.

So we must stay in tune with our tootsies. This means daily washing in lukewarm water, with soap, and drying them thoroughly, especially between the toes. Trim your nails straight across. Use a lotion to fight dry skin. Wear clean socks, and shoes that fit.

Don’t forget to inspect your feet and toes regularly. Take a look; use a mirror if needed. Watch for anything unusual, and be alert to injuries that aren’t healing. When in doubt, go see one of the excellent podiatrists in our area. Can’t get to their office? Just call the toe truck!