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April 2009

Lewis Black recently lamented the fact that in celebration of Earth Day, no one ever gets Mother Earth what it really wants–for all of us to die! Perhaps she will be somewhat mollified with a new and apparently more serious version of swine flu, that has been causing some impressive outbreaks lately. I admit I am not an expert on swine flu, or swine, but I do have two daughters whose bedroom reminds me often of a swine pen. Therefore I feel qualified to summarize some pertinent information about swine flu here:


1) Swine flu is similar to other influenza viruses, but in the past has not caused much in the way of human illness.

2) This new swine flu seems to be worse, and more likely to infect humans.

3) The media will scare us all about it.

4) Current vaccines are unlikely to be helpful against swine flu, but perhaps antiviral medications would be helpful.

5) Careful hygiene practices should be used to avoid getting infected.

6) Calling someone a “swine” is now even more derogatory than before.

I for one, am suffering from an overload of global crises at this moment, and therefore cannot expend anymore mental or emotional energy worrying about swine flu. I will therefore leave it in my mental crisis inbasket along with bird flu, killer bees, muslim extremism, illegal immigration and stagflation


fracutureOne of our more commonly seen fractures is the appropriately named “Boxer’s fracture.”  This results from punching objects, usually a wall, sometimes another person’s face.  The hand is broken at the neck of the pinky metacarpal bone, just before the big knuckle.  One recent sufferer from this injury is a young man who I know well.  However, he did not punch a wall, or a person’s face.  No, he punched his friend’s butt.  Yes, that’s right.  I thought I’d seen it all.  All I know is, I wish my butt was firm enough to cause hand fractures, but sadly, punching it would barely result in a sprain.

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yawnPerhaps my least favorite thing about my job is night shifts.  As I get older, they get more and more painful.  If I don’t get a nap before going in at 11pm, my brain gradually turns to oatmeal.  Come 4am, and I’m hoping I don’t have to think very much.  A sore throat or ear infection is about all I want to tackle.

One surprising side effect of night shifts is that the nurses start getting chatty, and all kinds of intense conversations spring up.  Last night, I was working with some of my favorite nurses and we somehow started talking about religion.  My usual rule is not to get into any debates about religion, because it never ends well.  Unfortunately at 4 in the morning, it seems like you can really get to the bottom of these issues and solve them.  You can’t.  We spent a good hour sifting through all kinds of intense religious theory, wasting valuable charting (or napping) time.  Huge waste.  Luckily, I don’t think anyone was mad or offended by the end of shift.


This is is not medical related but it is about change and I found it of interest.


I have talked about the inefficiencies in the medical industry. Here’s another industry that is also inefficient – the advertising industry.

I found this concept interesting and would like to share it with you too – visit

Our Seat at the Table - which explains the idea further.