Got to Know Your Meds – Make a List

Here’s the scene. You’re at the doctor’s office or the ER and the nurse asks what medications you’re taking.

You can say, umm, well, a yellow pill, a brown pill, a purple capsule, and there’s something I squirt into my nose.

Maybe it’s time for a list!

It may sound obsessive, but it really does help. And it’s not so hard. A list can be just a three-by-five index card, or a sheet detailing the medication, what it’s for, when you take it, the dosage and who prescribed it.

Either way, your nurse will love you! And so will the doctor who might have to take care of you if you’re temporarily out of commission.

Do a list for anybody who needs more than one or two prescriptions. It’s so easy to get confused. Then a new generic comes along and you’re even more lost.

Tell you what, if you make a list, you don’t have to get me a gift this year.

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Badar U Nissa 03.07.14 at 2:13 am

It sounds like it is safer to assume every patient is an idiot and tell them that it is unsafe to take more than the dosage prescribed. How we can try meds without specialist’s recommendation?

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