Worlds most expensive facelift – plus the energy facelift

I admit I’m not a huge fan of elective cosmetic surgery when patients say “I’m just having a little work done.” I know we’re in a youth obsessed culture and normal aging is considered the enemy, but I think the cost and risk of surgery is too much for many situations.

Quite a few years back, a male patient presented to an ER in very serious condition after an elective face lift. He had developed post-operative swelling and it became so severe, that it occluded his airway. He ended up starved of oxygen and suffered permanent, disabling brain damage as a result. I know that cosmetic surgical procedures are improved, and safer now, but you really need to be sure that even a small risk is justified.

I have recently learned of a new facelift procedure known as “Energy facelift” which is apparently less invasive. It can be performed under local anesthesia, and the surgeon uses a laser to “shrink tissue.” This does sound better than the complete facelift, but I’ve got a better idea–Let’s all reset our beauty standards. Here’s what we do: First, throw out all your fashion magazines and clothing catalogues. Next, get a coffee table book of famous circus freaks. You might also consider an atlas of bad skin diseases. Finally, don’t watch any TV shows that feature attractive people. Andy Rooney is fine, and you may safely watch Larry King. Just make sure he’s not interviewing Cameron Diaz or Brad Pitt.

After a few weeks of this, I guarantee we will all feel very attractive, and isn’t that the whole point after all?

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