Sulfite sensitivities


Can you tell me more about sulfite sensitivities and any symptoms which may accompany a reaction? Thanks for your insight into ER medicine. Always informational and some times quite humerous.

West Covina , CA


Great question Shelly!

In the ER we see patients with allergic reactions all the time, and a large percentage of the time, we can’t figure out what caused it. This is because there are so many different potential sources of allergy out there (food, medications,plants, animals, detergents, mold, etc.). Sulfites are yet another possible source of allergic reaction, and one that we often forget to consider.

People can develop sensitivities to sulfites at any point, and about 1 percent of the population tends to be affected. It used to be common to spray fresh produce with sulfites and this practice has now been banned. Food that contains sulfites must have it listed on the ingredient label now. Those who are sensitive might develop asthma symptoms, GI upset, rash, or even severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis. If you suspect you may have a sensitivity to sulfites, or other allergies, I would recommend evaluation by an allergist. They can help identify what is causing your symptoms and suggest a treatment plan.

Thanks for the question!

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