Preparing for Surgery

How should you prepare if you need surgery? Your surgeon will give you specific instructions. But here are some general guidelines.

A healthy body heals faster. So if possible, get your body into shape. Exercise and stretching programs are key. Eat less junk food, and more protein and fiber.

Several weeks before surgery, stop taking anti inflammatory drugs that could cause unnecessary bleeding, unless your surgeon wants you to. If you take herbs, check with your doctor. Some can complicate anesthesia and should be stopped. Stop or reduce smoking and alcohol consumption.

It’s important that you go into surgery in a positive frame of mind. If you are so inclined, several books are available dealing with mind-body preparation for surgery. There are relaxation techniques that can help reduce anxiety and improve the recovery process.

Talk with your family and your doctor. Stay positive.

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somuchforthatidea 07.22.11 at 8:26 am

I recently had a tummy tuck (after three previous pregnancies and c-sections). I am healthy and active, but I notice that every single time I have surgery it is followed by 2 – 3 weeks of depression. It doesn’t matter whether I take opiates or toradol, or whether it is general anesthesia or a spinal. Is there any way to reduce the odds of depression following surgery?

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