Financial Meltdown

The stock market stresses the heart and more

The stock market stresses the heart and more






Can anxiety from the economic meltdown cause a heart attack?



The fact that we are not seeing 1000 heart attacks per day probably means that this economic meltdown is not actually causing heart attacks directly. But are we seeing more anxiety problems and panic attacks? You bet! Any ER doctor will tell you that anxiety is a big component of our work, mostly because people get concerning symptoms with anxiety such as chest pain, trouble breathing, numbness, tingling, palpitations, and the like. It can actually be difficult sorting out which patients are just anxious and which ones have a true medical problem going on, and often times, some tests are in order.

I remember working in Los Angeles after the Northridge earthquake, and many people came in with severe anxiety, trouble sleeping, chest pain, etc. The financial problems going on right now are absolutely causing people stress, and we are seeing them in the ER regularly. I’m always happy when I can tell patients that their symptoms are not due to a major medical problem, but unfortunately it doesn’t do much for their financial woes.  I also feel that stress, in general, can cause long term health problems, if not managed appropriately.

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Large Casey 10.01.08 at 1:10 pm

Why do you think so many celebrities have C-sections, when surgery is far more dangerous than a vaginal delivery? Do they all have herpes? Or are they all getting tummy tucks? Or is simply fear of hemorrhoids?

Large Casey 10.01.08 at 1:11 pm

Love the website!

admin 10.01.08 at 5:32 pm

Thanks for the question Large, I will do some research on that for a future post.
Dr. Evans

G 11.02.08 at 8:02 am


Thank you for your great site and sharing your amazing stories!! Fantastic information you post here!

I just started blogging too (I’m a pharmacist)…for a heart health blogger:

DR. Wm Davis MD FACC

Many heart attacks are triggered by mental stress. Plaque and atherosclerosis of courase can be reversed. Now we can be track the plaque regression by volume and quantity via a low radiation 2x-xrays, quick 10-sec, no kidney-killing dyes technology called EBT.

I’d advise all ER docs to get scanned (because of the !!stress)– southern cal has 6 centers. Her in Northern Cal — one with Dr. Hyo Kim.


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