Michael Jackson die of a Heart Attack, or Cardiac Arrest?

I’ve been in the UK for the last 2 weeks, and over here many of the papers say he died of heart attack.  However, in the United States, when you say “heart attack” that is the same as a myocardial infarctionmj.  This means that the coronary arteries get clogged up, and are unable to deliver oxygen and blood to the heart muscle.  Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating, whatever the actual cause.  In some people, cardiac arrest occurs from a heart attack, but it can also be due to medications, arrythmia, blood clots, trouble breathing, etc.  When an autopsy is done, the pathologist will check for many different causes of cardiac arrest, including the possibility of drug and alcohol intoxication.

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marie 07.26.09 at 7:17 pm

he passed from cardiac arrest but we don’t know what cause it yet, people are speculating that diprivan caused it.

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