Children and Hypothermia

Do you know a little boy or girl who would play forever in the snow if allowed?

Unfortunately, children can get hypothermia, and they need to be protected. This is true whether playing in the yard or out camping, hiking, or skiing with their families in winter weather.

To protect them, follow the same guidelines as for adults – headwear, mittens, and loose, layered clothing. Keep feet warm and dry. But the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests these rules, as well:

Dress infants and youngsters in one more layer than you would wear under the same conditions.

Don’t let them play too long. Bring them in frequently to warm up.

If traveling, keep food, blankets, and emergency supplies in the car.

If stranded, cover yourselves and cuddle together. (125)

And don’t forget. Infants and the elderly can get mild hypothermia indoors, in a house that’s not heated, or kept too cold by air conditioning.

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smith steve 11.16.11 at 8:37 am

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